Maarten-in is an young and innovative company with a  focus on Internet of Things (IoT). We have expertise in the new LoRa network technology that is being rolled-out in several countries in Europe. We offer services to get you  connected to the world-wide LoRa network. Whether you already started your first IoT project,  developing your first prototype project or working on the business case to get started with IoT or LoRa, Maarten-in can help you to get started with the technology of tomorrow, today.

Internet f Things is a development that will change our live. According to Gartner and IDC 25 to 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. And these devices are not the traditional smart devices that are connected today, they will be semi-intelligent. But the combined data of all these devices allow smart devices to take decisions in ways we cannot imagine today.

Smart cities where parking places and street lights are controlled by traffic , Smart homes where devices help us with climate control and smart healtcare where we can help elderly people to live in their home for a longer time are some examples of application of IoT But there is more, agriculture and environmental applications are being developed today as well.


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